Romantic Turtle Necklace

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There are hundreds of options such as gold, gemstones and shells, as well as romantic types of necklaces

Want to feel the presence of your beloved reptile? Then get this Silver Romantic Turtle Necklace.

Did you know that in different parts of the world, owning a turtle is the equivalent of having divine security? In Japan, people even believe that the turtle is a symbol of good luck and good omen. So what are you waiting for to bring good luck into your life with this Silver Pendant Necklace symbolizing the wisest and most mature being on earth?

  • Available in 2 colors.
  • Gemstone : Opal
  • Mesh Necklace: reinforced and elegant structure
  • Type :925 Sterling Silver Filled
  • Careful Details
  • Unique Design
  • Turtle Lovers
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How to determine the length of a collar !

How to determine the lenght of a collar

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