Indian Thread Turtle Bracelet

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Want to adorn your wrist with pretty turtles? Then the Indian Thread Bracelet is for you.

For centuries, turtles have always captivated men. In most of the great cultures and ethnic groups, this reptile has always been linked to divers myths and legends: Synonymous of wisdom and longevity for the Maya, associated with fertility for the Maori as well as Africans, or even perceived as the support of the world in many Asian writings.

  • Chain bracelet with clasp
  • Adjustable length: Fits all wrists
  • Stainless steel: resistant to blackening
  • Polished crystal natural stones
  • Bohemian chic style
  • Does not blacken
  • Does not oxidize

Size Product

Size : Adjustable (see the picture)

Indian Thread Turtle Bracelet

Indian Thread Turtle Bracelet - Turtle Store

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