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Temporary Turtle Tattoo

Temporary tattoo is an alternative to real Tattoos. It can be an intermediate step in order to get a glimpse and be sure to make the right decision. It can also be used for simple pleasures. Whether it is to go to a party, the beach or a wedding... Even at close range, only a trained eye can tell them from the real thing. These temporary tattoos last about a week and are safe for the skin. Discover our wonderful selection of turtle tattoos now!

Tattoos and their meaning

The true meaning of the symbol is only open to its owner, but it is much easier to find the symbol by yourself. You can easily find an idea for a tattoo from a photo. After choosing a direction, it is worth getting familiar with the full meaning of a tattoo. After that you should clearly define the shape of the future tattoo in the form of a sketch and choose a tattoo shop.

The meaning of tattoos on the skin.

A person is almost always looking for beauty, therefore a beautiful tattoo has never been ignored by people of different generations, sexes and ages. It is perceived by the majority of people as an original body decoration. However, a tattoo on the body is first and foremost a means of self-expression, a way to emphasize your individuality and originality.

But in addition to a means of decoration, in ancient times tattoos were also used to symbolically represent hidden images and sacred meanings. The most striking example of this are the famous Celtic tattoos, which, in addition to their beauty, have a profound meaning. People symbolically represented on their skin images of their reverence or religious symbols. The source of signs for tattoos was their mythology.

Choosing a tattoo is always a difficult process. You need to understand the character trait, symbol or function you wish to embody in your tattoo. To solve this problem, we provide our clients with this catalog of different ephemeral tattoos.

The temporary turtle tattoos in our collection.

As a comparison, we offer you a description of the different ways to decorate your body with ephemeral Turtle Tattoos. We offer transfer tattoos, which are a design applied with special paints on a paper base and protected by a layer of transparent film. It is transferred to the skin quickly, easily and without assistance. It lasts about a week, subject to the conditions of use. It can be removed just as easily and is absolutely harmless to the skin.

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