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Pendant Turtle : The jewel which embellishes your neck

The pendant is a must in our Turtle jewelry collection. You will find on this collection a large choice of pendants and necklaces with the effigy of this magnificent reptile which is the Turtle. So don't wait any longer It's time to treat yourself with a jewel that will be a real connector between you and your favorite animal.

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The advantages of a Turtle Pendant

💬 Did you know? In many cultures (especially Asian), the turtle is considered a "guardian angel" animal and a good luck charm. It is customary to wear it as a medallion to ward off bad luck.

Which Turtle pendant is right for me?

► Turtle Necklace designs ?

If you prefer shiny jewelry, then go for a pendant in 925 sterling silver or better, in solid silver covered with white gold. A must to dazzle your audience. You can also settle for a set with precious stones or a beautiful crystal. Ideal if you want to highlight your cleavage. Don't hesitate to combine it with other turtle jewelry such as earrings, rings, watches and bracelets...

► Rather "Demoiselle chic" style?

Opt for a minimalist cord pendant that you can accompany with a beautiful choker necklace to give you a unique look. The gold and silver colors are also timeless. For example, you can wear a beautiful silver necklace covered with light rhinestones or pearls and match it with a ring, or a fancy bracelet in the same color. Pink gold is also an option not to be neglected if you want to add a nice bohemian touch to your look.

Turtle pendants for men ?

We also offer a "Ethnic" range of wooden pendants and necklaces. You can also find silver, gold metal or silver alloy jewelry. If you are rather fond of Polynesian style, let yourself be seduced by a very nice necklace in natural stone or decorated with a turquoise opal gemstone. Perfect to get a real look worthy of a Maori from Tahiti!

The quality of the materials

At Turtle Store™, we always in constant evolution of our products to be premium quality materials. The vast majority of our jewelry is made of stainless steel, 925 silver, zirconium oxide or natural stones (fine, precious or semi-precious stones). Our pendants each have an adjustable chain with clasp. We make sure to offer much better prices than in jewelry stores for an equivalent quality.

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