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What could be better than enjoying the heat of a pleasant Sweater in the middle of a winter day? We have selected for you a wide range of Turtle Sweats to reveal a crazy style!

Whether for women or men, sweaters and Hoodies are always a good gift idea or for yourself to stay warm in rainy weather. Thin classics, simple or oversized, everyone chooses the sweater that suits them.


How to choose the right size of Turtle Hoodie?

We propose to our customers, for each model, a size guide that everyone can have a turtle clothing that fits him. Try not to choose a model too tight.
Tight sweaters can sometimes be purchases that you regret later because some corpulence such as a large chest can put you in an uncomfortable situation. Bulky sweaters are not for everyone either. For example, we advise people of small stature to choose a sweater that is rather short or slightly close to the body.

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When you choose a turtle hoodie from our online store, read carefully the characteristics of the model, whether it is classic, fitted in loose fit or with hoods... etc. All the details of the manufacturer are written in the product description.

However, if you have any questions about a product, do not hesitate to contact our team by e-mail or in the "contact us" section at the bottom of the page.

How to take care of your Turtle hoodie?

Like anything else, a sweater requires personal care. Failure to wash the sweater properly can lead to external changes to the garment, such as size, color or shape.

Each sweater has its own label with a message on the rules of care of the garment (image of the corresponding symbols, icons).

But in any case, whatever the material the sweater is made of, if you have any doubt, just wash it in delicate mode (if it is a machine wash). The washing temperature should not exceed 40 °C. None of the labels on our turtle store suggest the use of bleach or aggressive chemical detergents. When spinning, the lowest speed of the machine should be used.

➡️ Learn more about the care of each type of Turtle sweater:

For example, a knitted sweater should only be washed by hand using an easily foaming product. The water should be moderately warm. When washing by hand, you don't need to rub the dirty areas intensely, it is better to soak the dirty area for a while. Synthetic yarn sweaters are machine washable. Washing does not involve high temperatures, wash up to a maximum of 30 °C. The most difficult thing is to take care of a wool sweater. These garments offer the possibility to use machine washing, but in a very delicate cycle, at low speed. The temperature regime should not exceed 30 °C to 35 °C. Wool sweaters can be washed together with other woolen articles. If there is a lot of dirt, it is advisable to soak the wool sweater with special products. You can only wring out a wool sweater with your hands. This sweaters should preferably be dried in a horizontal (unfolded) state to avoid stretching and deformation.

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