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Turtle Earring Collection ⤵️

Our Earrings

We would like to introduce you our wide selection of Turtle Earrings for women, to offer a gift (Valentine's Day, Birthday, Holiday or personal pleasure).

A must in your jewelry box, the turtle earrings are perfect fashion accessories to dress your face with passion. At Turtle Store we offer a wide range of an original earring, creole earrings and dangling earrings. A collection exclusively for women who want to enjoy fashion with the best price.

Original earrings with the turtle's spirit

The Turtle Earrings are perfect jewels to complete and sublimate your outfits for a fashionable, original, extremely trendy and rebellious style.

From fantasy to natural stones the Turtle Earrings of Turtle-store.com perfectly fit your style and personality. Our earrings will give you a mysterious and daring look ! All the models of creative and original turtle earrings are offered at very affordable prices.

Define your style and your desires

► To illuminate your contacts...

If you like to shine in all situations, you will love our earrings in rhodium-plated silver, sterling silver or gold-plated metal. They will be all the more dazzling if you choose them adorned with rhinestones, pearls or fine stones. You can also opt for a pair covered with zirconium oxide in order to release a good dose of brilliance that will captivate all eyes.

► To wear a look Ethnic...

Rather fan of flowers, nature and Bohemian style in general? Then treat yourself with large oval earrings, made of golden steel, gemstones or turquoise opal. And for a 100% original look, don't forget to add bracelets, rings and turtle necklaces to your outfit.

► To stay sober and elegant...

In this case you will be able to find your happiness in more discreet and lighter ear chips. These can be gold or silver color, two sure values to embellish your lobe in all sobriety.

A gift to offer 🎁

Timeless and timeless jewelry, the earring has this natural power to sublimate your look. Feel like spoiling someone? A good pair of original earrings will be a sensation for any occasion: birthday gift, Mother's Day, Christmas... The best way to please a turtle lover. An ideal gift and full of tenderness.

WHAT about the manufacturing ? 🛠️

Turtle Store™ is above all a big fan of costume jewelry, yes, just like you. That's why we choose with the greatest care the items we put on sale. Concerning our earrings, a large part is made of Reinforced Stainless Steel, some are also made of 925 Sterling Silver or silver alloy. You will find for each article, the corresponding details in the product sheet.

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