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Adopt a Turtle Bracelet

Dress your wrist with love. Young freshwater turtle, it's time to adopt a pretty trendy Turtle Bracelets that will connect you to your beloved reptile! Whether for man or woman, you will find in this collection a very large choice: Leather, stainless steel, sterling silver, zirconium oxide or simply elastic bracelets. You will find what you are looking for! ❤️

Why opt for a Turtle Bracelet? 🐢

There are many words to describe this exceptional marine animal. Wise, persevering, protective... The turtle is a symbol of longevity which, worn as a totem pole, can bring you many benefits.

A Turtle Bracelet according to your personality 💎

► Adopts the "Bohemian Turtle" style.

Is summer coming? Then create a Bohemian Turtle style by adopting a beautiful Brazilian bracelet to dress your wrists or an ankle. You can complete this look with a costume bracelet decorated with small round pearls, semi-precious stones or with a turquoise jewel of your choice. If that's not enough for you? Then let yourself be tempted by a beautiful shell set. In short, you'll have understood, at Turtle Store™ we have what it takes to make you the most beautiful of the beach.

► You prefer the discreet and minimalist look?

Then we advise you to go for a beautiful pearl bracelet or a bracelet that will be a wise choice. For women, silver and gold are still a sure thing that will appeal to the greatest number of people.

► Need to make a splash?

Find your favorite among our range of rhinestones, white pearl or knotted bracelets. If your goal is to captivate the eyes, a silver chain bracelet will be an ideal option. You can match your bracelet with other costume jewelry such as rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings or even watches. The possibilities are endless, it's up to you to use your imagination.

► How about Bracelets for Men?

Do you want to wear a real casual surfer's style? In that case you can opt for a black leather Turtle Bracelet in a totally ethnic style. A cord bracelet could also be a good alternative if you are looking for a lighter look. Finally, the elastic bracelet remains the simplest and cheapest solution to have fun at a low price.

About the manufacture 🛠️

We only select jewelry made with the greatest care. Whether solid silver, gold or silver-plated metal. We always opt for pieces of approved quality. Each of our steel bracelets is adjustable/adjustable and has a clasp. The chain is rigid and can be used a little too abruptly. Our goal is to offer you jewelry that is as beautiful as in jewelry and jewelry but at much more affordable prices.

Looking for a bracelet gift idea? 🎁

No doubt, the bracelet for women or men remains an ideal Turtle Gift for any occasion. Especially if you choose a piece with an engraving that makes sense to the person. So now spoil a Turtle fan with a unique accessory that will be dear to her/his heart.

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