How to make an origami turtle (Easiest way)

Origami is the art of paper folding. An ancestral art, as delicate as it is economical, appreciated by children and adults alike. You will be able to propose to your children creative workshops to make animal tones, boats, jewels ...etc. while having fun.

Today, we teach you how to make an Origami Turtle easy and fast. To start, you will need a simple sheet of square paper, a scissor and a pencil. This template takes only 3 minutes. An original idea that will suit beginners and children.

How do you make a turtle origami?
In this article you will discover in 8 steps, how we make a Turtle Origami easy and fun to make for everyone!
Let's go now!


Step 1: Fold the sheet in 2

For this first step, start by folding the paper in half. The fold should be done diagonally to form a pyramid. We advise you to take your time and be as precise as possible in your folds. This will allow you to obtain a much better final result than we can! 😉

Step 1 of the origami turtle

Step 2: Shaping the turtle's body

Now fold the right and left sides of the pyramid towards the centre. Your fold should form a nice diamond shape and the edges should overlap well. At this point you should have two equal parts.

Step 2 of the origami Turtle

Step 3: Divide the diamond into three parts.

In this step, we take a first step towards what will be the turtle's pasta. All you have to do is fold the upper part of each side of the diamond downwards. Normally you should get two beautiful rectangular triangles that overlap. Make sure that the whole thing is straight and even.

Step 3 of the origami Turtle

Step 4: Creating the Turtle's Hind Legs

At this point, you're going to create your little turtle's front paws. To do this, make a kind of "curl" starting from the right angle of your triangle made in the previous step. Repeat the same step on the other side, making sure that the legs are symmetrical to form a regular shape.

Step 4 : The origami Turtle

Step 5: Add the front paws

To carry out this step, take your chisel and turn over your diamond. Open the fold well and cut the upper part from the centre. The cut should be as straight as possible (not like us 😅). Once the paper has been cut, start folding the front legs, repeating the same process as in step 4. It is best to make the front legs a little longer than the back to give a "sea turtle" effect.

Step 5 The Origami Turtle

Step 6: The Turtle's Tail

Fold the end of the diamond (at the hind legs) to create a straight line. This fold should be at the same level as the joint between the legs. Then repeat the fold in the opposite direction, leaving a margin of about 1 cm. This will allow you to let a small piece of the rhombus protruding from the tail of the turtle.

Step 6 The origami Turtle

Step 7: Making the shell

The penultimate and surely the most important step: folds the two sides of the diamond separating the front legs from the hind legs. Be sure to make a straight fold so that your turtle's shell has a nice shape. You can then turn the whole thing over to admire the result.

Step 7 The origami Turtle

Step 8: The final touch, the eyes

This is the ultimate step in this tutorial and certainly the simplest and most fun. Put on your marker and draw eyes to your turtle. Big, small, or squinting, we'll let you use your imagination on this level. Don't forget to colour them in. That's it! You're holding a cute origami turtle.

Step 8 :The Origami Turtle

To conclude with the Turtle Origami

Now that you can easily make an origami turtle, you will be able to use it for various occasions: as a table decoration, to put on napkins or even decorate a Christmas tree. It's up to you to be creative! For the best results, you can also use coloured paper such as Canson or more rigid cardboard.

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    i did it ! easy steps ! thanks a lot for this awsome tutorial <3

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