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Do you have questions about how to draw turtles? Does your child ask you to teach him how to do it? Or just want to learn how to draw each type of turtle?

Welcome to Turtle Store, as a turtle expert, As you know, there are several types of turtles.

In this article we will see the different ways to draw a turtle step by step whether it is a land sea turtle or simply a cute turtle (animate) 🐢. Let's get started right away!

Wall art Sea turtle

Required for this drawing workshop
  1. Sheet of paper
  2. Pencil
  3. A black pen
  4. an eraser
  5. coloured pencils 

1) How to draw a Sea Turtle

STEP 1 : Sketch the sea turtle's shell.

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 1 - Turtle Store

Step 2 : Sketch the turtle's neck and head

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 2 - Turtle Store

Step 3 : Sketch the turtle's two front flippers

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 3 - Turtle Store

Step 4 : Sketch the turtle's back flipper

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 4 - Turtle Store


Step 5 : After finishing the sketch, draw the outline of the turtle's shell.

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 5 - Turtle Store

Step 6 : After drawing the shell, start the outline of the turtle's neck and head.

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 6 - Turtle Store

Step 7 : Draw the turtle's flippers. (The two front flippers and the back flipper)

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 7 - Turtle Store

Step 8 : Finish the scales of the turtle's shell.

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 8 - Turtle Store

Step 9 : Draw the turtle's eye using the technique shown below

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 9 - Turtle Store

Step 10 : Add details to the turtle's face.

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 10 - Turtle Store

Step 11 : Draw the turtle's two nostrils.

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 11 - Turtle Store

Step 12 : Draw the rest of the turtle's scales on its flippers.

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 13 - Turtle Store

Step 13 : Finish the outline of the turtle by drawing wrinkles on the turtle's face and neck

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 14 - Turtle Store

Step 14 : Erase all excess sketch marks.

How to draw a Sea Turtle - Step 15 - Turtle Store

Step 15 : Color in the drawing with color pencils, crayons, markers or paint.

Final Step of How tu draw a sea turtle

You've just learned how to draw a Sea Turtle Step by Step ! So are you happy with the result? 

2) How to draw a Cute Turtle

Let's go to the 2nd tutorial, get a sharpened pencil and take a nice drawing sheet. It will take about 5 minutes for a beginner, so no excuses: Young and old, everyone can draw their Cute turtle.

Turtles are cute animals par excellence. They amaze everyone with their strange bone structure that reveals a thick shell.

Step1 : The shape of the head

To begin this drawing, we must draw the contours of the head of the beast. This marine animal has fine lines, so we won't bother, just make a round shape in the center of your paper.

In order to facilitate the drawing of the head we have cut this step in 3 parts.

Ste1 to draw a cute turtle

This skull houses the turtle's brain, thanks to which it can swim and find its way around without difficulty.

Step2 - how to draw a cute turtle

The complete skull of the tortoise is slightly triangular like a guitar pick.

 Step3 - how to draw a cute turtle

Step2 : The body of the cute Turtle

For the body of the turtle we will draw its legs and its front shell, they must be round so that they are the easiest to draw.

Turtles have fins as legs, they are used to being amphibious. They can move on land as well as on the sea. They use this ability to lay their eggs on land.

Step4 - how to draw a cute turtle

The flippers have an elongated shape, they must be a third of the size of the head. If they're too small, your turtle won't be able to swim properly.

Step5 - how to draw a cute turtle

The carapace is the largest part of the body of the turtle, we advise you to use a compass to trace it without making to miss.

Step6 - how to draw a cute turtle

To make the carapace more realistic you can draw lines on it.

Step 3 : The face of the turtle

To give character to your pet, you must draw beautiful facial features with a cute head. It will be better than without, it is in this kind of detail that the quality of the drawing will make the difference.

If you draw the eyes like this, they will be sparkling, adding a manga touch to your illustration.

Step7 - how to draw a cute turtle

To finish the drawing, draw fine lines on the cheeks, and make a small smiling mouth.

Step8 - how to draw a cute turtle

Now color it ! enjoy this part, but we'll give you a quick sample 

Final Step of how to draw a cute turtle

In this video we saw :

  1. The first features of the face of the sea animal, with a round skull drawn in the center of the copy. To better make his skull you can go stroke by stroke, you will take fewer risks.
  2. The rest of the skull consists in joining its cheeks by a rounded line under its head.
  3. For the fins, you can take a compass to make it easier, you will only have to draw small rounded lines. Make sure that both fins are symmetrical. The carapace covers the whole top and forms a semi-circle that joins the top of its legs.
  4. Then to make the shell more realistic, you can draw lines on it.
  5. The eyes are round, so that they have more depth, you can draw two small circles that will serve as pupils. You are free to fill them with black or not.
  6. To finish you make a small mouth and two strokes on these cheeks to give it a smiling and friendly look.

Obviously, these little Turtles won't be enough to decorate an entire room in your house. That's why we have a complete collection of turtle jewelry. There's bound to be one that suits your taste !

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