November 14, 2019 3 min read

"Tell me what you're wearing, I'll tell you who you are." That's what the street wear look is: a reflection of your personality and your mind. It's the art of combining fashion and the street, a world apart where anything goes (as long as the combination asserts your style and remains elegant). The other way to stand out from the crowd with the clothes you wear is of course... Skull!

Now a fashion icon, the Skull is everywhere. And in this field, the new Skull Roll Store has already become a must. T-Shirts, Sweats, jackets, jewelry, you'll find absolutely everything! It's a long time ago when the Skull was just a sinister symbol of fear on the flags of pirate ships. It's also gone beyond the idea that this emblem is reserved exclusively for Gothics, Rockers or Biker Gangs. Now the Skull has been democratized and invades the cupboards!

Of course, it is the big brands that have made the Skull trend successful, but it is above all the young people who have given it a particular and diversified meaning. Rebellion, aggressiveness, fear, mystery, humor and so many others, it's you who assert your difference!


The T-Shirt is the ultimate basic. Adopted by the US Navy more than a century ago, it is today more than ever an ultra trendy garment. With more than 80 different Skull T-Shirts, the Skull Roll Store has something for everyone. Create your own style because there are a thousand and one ways to stand out! Whether your style is "Dark" or "Sober", it will be impossible for you not to find your outfit and impose your fashion.

Among the very large choice of designs proposed by Skull Roll, we loved the festive and colorful Mexican Skull T-Shirt, perfectly adjusted, to wear over your favorite jeans or under a jacket for a quirky look that will make you stand out for sure.

Skull Roll Tshirt Collection


The Skull Hoodies: that's classy. One of fashion's must-haves, ultra comfortable, it is without a doubt THE half-season garment to have in your closet. Look around you ... it's everywhere! And icing on the cake: it fits everyone! And if you haven't dared to look yet, we bet you'll do it very quickly after a little visit to Skull Roll. Their selection of hoodies is a real playground for expressing your desires and your style. All you have to do is choose! We've chosen our favorite: this gorgeous Hoodies with Flames.

Mexican Skull Hoodie


Once again it is stated loud and clear, the Skull is omnipresent and fascinates all fashion enthusiasts. Whether it is the spirit of rebellion or the quest for difference, the Skull seduces our modern society faced with death, war or social problems. The Skull Roll Store understands this and offers you splendid Skull Leather Jackets to start the Autumn / Winter 2020 season! Take the time to define your look and choose the centerpiece of your wardrobe because these are high-end items.

Death's Head Leather Jacket


We're okay to wear jewelry... as long as it's manly and massive (or sober)! Worn as a banner by Rock stars and Bikers for decades, today's Skull Bracelet has become popular in the arms of everyone, men and women alike. Whether you opt for a discrete model or a more assertive look, Skull Roll heralds a storm of insolence on your wrist!

Skull Roll Bracelet Collection


No doubt about it, Skull in fashion or accessories will be all the rage for a long time to come! Whether you're a Biker, Gothic, Rock or Metal, Punk... or simply a fan of the concept: you won't regret the detour, we guarantee it. We're totally committed to it, and we'll keep asking for more and more. So go to the Skull Roll shop for Skulls you want some and not only to provoke, seduce or assert your difference 😉 !

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