Yin and Yang Panda

The turtle is known in China as the holder of the secrets of heaven and earth. It is also the living representation of the Yin, the roundness, slowness and calm being the characteristics of the Yin. The turtle is not the only living being with strong symbolic value in China, the Panda is in China the living incarnation of Yin and Yang. Let's take a closer look at this association.


1) The Symbolic Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang 阴阳 represent two categories that are both opposed and complementary and are found in almost every aspect of life and the universe. Yin represents the feminine, as well as various other connotations such as black, moon, dark, negative, etc.. Yang, is associated with lighter figures such as white, masculine, sun, light, positive.

The biaoli are points of opposite colours that recall the link between the two concepts, the existence of one is linked to the existence of the other. They also show that in everything that is white there is black, and that conversely, there is neither absolute black nor immaculate white. We can therefore conclude that no one can be considered entirely bad or good.


2) Panda and Yin and Yang

The panda is the living embodiment of Yin and Yang with its contrasting black and white fur. The Chinese consider that the gentle nature of the panda proves how Yin and Yang bring peace and unity when the universe is in balance. It is because it is a symbol of harmony that the panda is often used in diplomacy by China, as the panda is at the same time a symbol of lasting friendship.


3) Yin and Yang in Kung Fu Panda

What can I say? An ingenious and very spectacular animated film! Directed by Mark Osborne and John Stevenson, Kung Fu Panda is one of his films that manages to entertain completely. The best animated film I've ever seen, even better than a Disney animated feature film or a pixar! This Dreamworks animated movie is the best since Shrek! The humor is fine and scathing. The animation and drawing are also of very high quality with fighting scenes worthy of a Kill Bill or big productions from Hong Kong. The rendering of the textures and the care given to the sets are a real tribute to traditional China.

In Kung Fu Panda 3 Oogway appears to Po in the World of the Dead, he reveals that he chose it because of his ancestry and his deep connection with yin and yang. Po becomes Oogway's official successor, one thing to return to the world of the living using his new power and teaching his friends the power of Chi.


4) Kung Fu Panda Yin Yang Quotes

Oogway: You have finally become the panda you were always destined to be.

Po: But... how did you know I could?

Oogway: The first day we met. I saw the future of kung fu... ...and the past. I saw the panda that could unite them both. That's why I chose you, Po. Both sides of yin and yang... and my true successor.

Kai: Who are you?

Po: I asked myself the same question: am I the son of a panda, the son of a goose, a student, a teacher? It turns out that... I am all of those things. [creates a Dragon avatar with his chi] I am the Dragon Warrior. Do you understand?! See the giant dragon? Prepare to feel the thunder! Whoa! This is awesome!

We have just illustrated the association of yin and yang and the panda. But if you want to know more about the panda, we invite you to have a look on our partner's panda blog!

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