Top 10 Turtle Lovers Gift Ideas

You may be looking for a gift for someone you care about. You may even know the person's tastes perfectly well and know that they love turtles and animals in general. It is possible that this person is a real fan of the ocean or passionate about protecting turtles and against plastic! Either way, you've come to the right place, because today we have a Top 10 of the best turtle gifts you can give to that special someone. Of course, this list is not exhaustive because otherwise, this list would contain hundreds of gifts. 😆

You might find exactly what you're looking for. If not, you can visit our collections and find the rare pearl that would suit the taste of the person you are giving this gift to.

10) Turtle Mugs

Turtle Mugs

To start this selection of the best gifts to give to a Turtle Fan, what better than a turtle mug ?
They're cute, disturbingly realistic, and some of them depict a sea turtle.
If their macabre appearance doesn't make you hot or cold, these 400ml cups are actually very comfortable to hold. But why turn a blind eye to their design if that's what makes them so great? You can combine the useful with the pleasurable.

The realistic anatomy and attention to detail of these funny mugs make them a perfect accessory for every morning, or a reference in drawing. It could also make a perfect tea companion, as it doesn't talk and won't bother you. Turtles are also a great way to express your turtle-fan side and will bring a small side of protection into your kitchen. ☕


9) Turtle Tattoos

Turtle Tattoos Collection

A real turtle fan will literally melt with pleasure when he sees you offering him these temporary tattoos ! Its structure, the material of which it is made, its neat finishes, everything is designed to delight the most sceptical in order to transform his body for the good cause!

With as many designs as you can choose from, you will be spoilt for choice, inspired by the tastes of the person you are giving this gift to. The surprise is sure to come in handy. A perfect gift for the perfect person!


8) Turtle Shoes

Turtle Shoes Collection

If you thought you didn't need color to make shoes look good, think again. Opt for basic black shoes too with turtle motifs or even just a picture printed on the entire shoe itself. It's as if she's tattooed, and it makes a statement that makes the pair of shoes the centerpiece of the day's outfit.

It is possible to associate the pair with dark tones or lighter colours. As long as they are united, they can only shout out in style. And even if you prefer colourful styles, you can choose a pair of Turtles Shoes with a multicoloured pattern to bring out the design of your sneakers.

7) Turtle Hoodies

Turtle Hoodies Collection

Let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of the turtle thanks to our hooded sweatshirts and sweaters in the image of this fabulous reptile. You will find in this collection sweatshirts with HD prints, in cotton and polyester. Zipper closure, kangaroo pocket, long sleeves... Everything you need to spend a warm winter. You want a TOP look? We suggest you to match your sweater with turtle sneakers.

6) Turtle Bracelets

Turtle Bracelets Collections

Why choose a Turtle Bracelet?

There are many words to describe this exceptional marine animal. Wise, persevering, protective... The turtle is a symbol of longevity which, worn as a totem, can bring you many benefits.🐢

A Turtle Bracelet according to your personality

► Adopts the "Bohemian Turtle" style💎 Summer is coming? Then create a 'Bohemian Turtle' style by adopting a beautiful Brazilian bracelet to dress your wrists or an ankle. You can complete this look with a fancy bracelet decorated with small round pearls, semi precious stones or with a turquoise jewel of your choice. If that's not enough for you? then let yourself be tempted by a beautiful shell set. In short, you'll have understood, at Turtle Store™ we have what it takes to make you the most beautiful of the beach.

► You prefer the discreet and minimalist look?

► Need to make a splash? Find your favorite among our range of rhinestone, white pearl or knotted bracelets. If your goal is to captivate the eyes, a silver chain bracelet will be an ideal option. You can match your bracelet with other costume jewelry such as rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings or even watches. The possibilities are endless, it's up to you to use your imagination.

► Men are not forgotten... Do you want to wear a real casual surfer's style? In that case you can opt for a black leather bracelet in a totally ethnic style. A cord bracelet can also be a good alternative if you are looking for a little more lightness. Finally, the elastic bracelet remains the simplest and cheapest solution to have fun at a small price.

5) Turtle Gift Cards

Turtle Gift Card

If you don't have an idea about what to offer to your loved one, there's nothing better than giving him or her the choice. Today, Turtle store is proud to offer you the opportunity to buy gift cards with values ranging from 10$ to 100$.

When you fulfill an order with a gift card, you will receive an email that contains a unique gift card code that they can use at checkout to redeem its value

4) Turtle Earrings

Turtle Earrings Collection

► To enlighten your interlocutors...
If you like to shine in all circumstances, you will love our Turtle Earrings in rhodium-plated silver, sterling silver or gold-plated metal. They will be all the more dazzling if you choose them adorned with rhinestones, pearls or fine stones. You can also opt for a pair covered with zirconium oxide in order to release a good dose of brilliance that will captivate all eyes.

► To wear a look Ethnic ...
Rather fan of flowers, nature and bohemian style in general? Then treat yourself with large oval earrings, made of golden steel, gemstones or turquoise opal. And for a 100% original look, don't forget to add bracelets, rings and turtle necklaces to your outfit.

► To stay sober and elegant...
In this case you will be able to find your happiness in more discreet and lighter ear chips. These can be gold or silver color, two sure values to embellish your lobe in all sobriety.

3) Turtle T-shirts

Turtle T-shirts

Which Turtle T-shirt to choose? 🐢
First of all, know that our t-shirts are unisex, so they will be suitable for both men and women. Of course some of the prints will sometimes be more suitable for men than women and vice versa.

► Find a T-shirt for men
Rather fan of Polynesian or exotic style? Then fall in love with a tribal print t-shirt or a florid design. Perfect to give you a casual look. If you prefer to stay sober, go for a white or mottled gray t-shirt that will fit with any outfit and for any occasion. Don't forget to match it with a cap, a hooded sweatshirt or a sweater of the same style.

► A Woman's T-shirt at the TOP The word "basic" scares you to death? Then you will find at Turtle Store™ what you need to renew your wardrobe. You want to wear a nice casual and dressy outfit, choose one of our t-shirts with a heart motif. They have the advantage of being very elegant and discreet. Conversely, if you want to raise awareness, choose a T-shirt with a message, because yes, it is important to remind people that sea turtles are in danger! It's only in this way that we can awaken consciences...

2) Turtle Necklaces

Turtle Necklaces

💬 Did you know? In many cultures (especially Asian), the turtle is considered a "guardian angel" animal and a good luck charm. It is customary to wear it as a medallion to ward off bad luck.

Which Turtle pendant is right for me?

► You don't like to go unnoticed?
If you prefer shiny jewelry, then go for a pendant in 925 sterling silver or better, in solid silver covered with white gold. A must to dazzle your audience. You can also settle for a set with precious stones or a beautiful crystal. Ideal if you want to highlight your cleavage. Don't hesitate to combine it with other turtle jewelry such as earrings, rings, watches and bracelets...

► Rather "Demoiselle chic" style?
Opt for a minimalist cord pendant that you can accompany with a beautiful choker necklace to give you a unique look. The gold and silver colors are also timeless. For example, you can wear a beautiful silver necklace covered with light rhinestones or pearls and match it with a ring, or a fancy bracelet in the same color. Pink gold is also an option not to be neglected if you want to add a nice bohemian touch to your look.

► And for men ?
We also offer a "Ethnic" range of wooden pendants and necklaces. You can also find silver, gold metal or silver alloy jewelry. If you are rather fond of Polynesian style, let yourself be seduced by a very nice necklace in natural stone or decorated with a turquoise opal gemstone. Perfect to get a real look worthy of a Maori from Tahiti!

1) Turtle Rings

Turtle Rings Collection

► You're more the discreet type?
In this case we advise you to choose a thin ring or a stainless steel ring. The latter will complete your outfit with sobriety and finesse. You can also find your favorite among our rings or in a nice zirconia ring made of gold alloy which will give you a nice bohemian look.

► Aren't you afraid of exuberance?
If you appreciate costume jewelry, then you'll have something to enjoy. For example, you might like a big, wide ring with a turtle on it. Want a little more cachet? Then opt for a beautiful precious ring with colorful shades (turquoise, pink, green ...) or decorated with a sublime opal stone.

► Do you like sparkle and brilliance?
Our rings in 925 sterling silver and other precious metals will be made for you! Maybe you will succumb to a magnificent ring made of solid silver or covered with white gold and rhinestones? If so, know that you won't have to ruin yourself. Tortue Paradise offers you jewels as beautiful as at the jeweler's but with one detail... it's 3x less expensive.

💍 How to wear my Tortoise Ring ?

You will surely wear your ring every day, so it is important to know the symbolism of each finger:

  • On the ring finger: Characterizes love and passion. Especially on the left hand.
  • On the little finger: Synonymous with eloquence. It is also an elegant and often underestimated way of wearing.
  • On the middle finger: It is known that this finger is more often used to make naughty gestures. But you can also use it to highlight your rebellious side.
  • On the index finger: Symbolizes wealth in certain beliefs.

For a final look at the TOP, don't hesitate to match your ring with watches, bracelets, necklaces or earrings that will make your outfit perfect.


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