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In contrast to the turtle, a much more distant cousin is also part of the reptile family. Some differences can be noted. It crawls because it has no legs, and it can be deadly because it can hide a lethal venom! He is a fearsome predator that frightens both small and large species. I think that you've understood it, we will introduce you to the snake. 🐍

for the common, the serpent represents:

  • Fear 😱
  • Dangerous tropical forest
  • The danger ⚠️
  • Death ☠️

Even if you probably have a negative image of this animal, you indeed approached the snake style: whether it is through the movies 📺, decoration, art, jewelry ... It is a growing style and very trendy in the fashion world. 

However, today, it is through the clothing style that we are going to approach the fascinating world of this reptile.
Created by passionate, passionate people, The Vipers House is the reference in this domain. It is by offering quality products (and at affordable prices!) that they have become No. 1 in the USA, offering a wide selection of jewelry, accessories, and clothing-related to this sumptuous animal.

the vipers house

1. Discover a large snake ring collection

Don't worry, it doesn't bite, but it could bite some people's eyes 👀. Stainless-steel snake rings or pure 925 sterling silver will surely make people jealous. The Vipers House store has more than 200 rings of the highest quality. These jewels became undoubtedly in vogue these last years. Indeed many celebrities adorned this beautiful animal on their fingers.

snake ring collection


In addition to being trendy, the snake jewels have various symbols, whether it is the ouroboros, king cobra, rattlesnake, green mamba, python, etc. Each snake can have a specific symbology.

2. Discover a poisonous snake t-shirt collection

There is no better way to share one's values and passions through a dress style. Show to your friends or family your love for this wild predator with our 100% organic cotton snake tee shirt. 🐍

snake t shirt

 3. The Vipers House a store that wants to change the bad image on snakes and reptiles in general

Since the dawn of time, the snake has always been represented as evil and sin. This bad image is still present today. Humans fear the majority of reptiles because of their particular physique. They prefer to caress a smooth and silky skin rather than a solid scale. Some snakes are indeed potentially deadly, but it's nature that makes it so. The world is not a rosy place, and we must defend ourselves. If we take the example of the turtle, it needs a carapace to survive. As for the snake, its greatest weapon is it's cunning, its fangs, and its venom. Without it, it would be an endangered species. 

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