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Why is it so difficult to meet a oceans protectors not wearing a turtle bracelet? What are the meanings of this jewel? Which model to choose as a turtle fan or fighter against plastic?

Don't panic, the whole Turtle Store team will answer your questions in this article! We accompany fans in their quest for the perfect style and you're in the right place if you're looking for info about the turtle bracelet. 📿

In this article, we will see together:

  • How the turtle bracelet came into the culture of fighters against plastic.
  • What does the turtle symbolize in general.
  • The types of bracelets we find at turtle store.

Let's ride 🤘🏻

Turtle Bracelet collection


Symbolic meaning of the Turtle Bracelet

Considered for millennia to be a lucky animal. Revered in many cultures (China, India, Polynesia...) as a divine creature. The turtle holds a strong symbolic value. With its solid carapace and very long life expectancy, it represents longevity, perseverance and wisdom. Wearing this reptile around the wrist is not insignificant. We will see in this article what symbolism lies behind a turtle bracelet. So read this article carefully until the end, because a surprise awaits you at the end...

Why wear a Turtle Bracelet? 

The meanings of the bracelet are multiple according to countries and beliefs. Often, this jewel has an important social value. It represents the person you are in society, which characterizes you. It is also meant to show which "clan" you belong to.

If we go back to distant times in history, this object was not a beauty accessory. Thousands of years ago, bracelets were often made from animal tusks, bones or other elements from nature. They were also worn to ward off bad luck and to chase away spirits.

Today and since the middle of the 20th century, the bracelet has been completely democratized and has gained in popularity to become an essential piece of jewelry.

You will therefore easily understand that by combining these two elements : The Tortoise and the Bracelet, you merge two strong symbols that can only bring benefits into your life. We are going to explain to you in detail the meaning behind each of our turtle bracelets so that you can better orient your choice afterwards.

1- Meaning of the Turtle Pearl-Gemstone Bracelet

This type of bracelet brings you into harmony with nature and the elements. A jewel like the two-tone Stone Turtle Bracelet will characterize your natural balance. It will also find a certain proximity with the ying-yang symbol. If your wish is rather to be able to attract all the forces related to the 7 main chakras, then you will find your happiness in a jewelry such as the Turtle Chakras Bracelet.

 Stone Turtle Bracelets

2- Meaning of the Turtle Silver Bracelet

"Silver" is a word of Greek origin ('argos') which means "shiny". As you know, silver is a noble material. It represents femininity by its pure white aspect as opposed to gold which symbolizes masculinity. A silver bracelet associated with the turtle gives even more value to the jewel and increases the luck factor tenfold. Not to mention the aesthetic aspect which gives you a totally dazzling style. Discover now our silver turtle bracelets.

Silver Turtle Bracelet

3- Meaning of the Turtle Cord Bracelet

Highly reputed as a friendship jewel, cord bracelets are also commonly used to formulate wishes. To do so, simply tie it around your wrist or ankle by making a knot. The wish comes true once the knot cracks or comes loose. If you like the symbolism of this type of jewelry, then choose our Turtle bracelet with shell cord. The fact that it is decorated with small turtles gives your wish an even better chance to come true.

Cord Turtle Bracelets

4- Meaning of the Turtle leather Bracelet

The leather bracelet represents your alliance with nature. The color is not insignificant,

  • Brown leather will rather be synonymous with wisdom and composure.
  • A Black Leather Turtle Bracelet will allude more to vigour and virility.
This jewel has a very relaxed side and will be perfect for a man who wants to adopt a roots style. Associated with the turtle emblem, it reinforces even more your aura of confidence and serenity.

Leather turtle bracelets

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