How To Save The Turtles : 10 Ways

Turtles have populated our oceans for more than 150 million years. They have lived with dinosaurs and overcome all climatic crises. However, today,  it only takes half a century for Humans to threaten the existence of marine turtles.

But, GOOD NEWS ! It is easy to prevent Sea turtles from becoming extinct, as they seem doomed, there are signs with science that we can believe in a more clement future if we act quickly.
Even your simplest actions, by helping to relieve our pressure on the ocean, directly contribute to improving the fate of marine turtles.


How to save turtles ?

We will focus on this article only on Sea Turtles, for Terrestrial turtles, we invite you to read the forbidden foods fo turtles article in order to increase the life span of these living creatures.

Ways to save turtles

 Take the time to read these few tips to improve the preservation of this endangered species and our planet! :

Outside the Sea :

  1. Reduce marine debris, especially Plastics and Straws ! that may entangle or be accidentally eaten by sea turtles, always clean before leaving the beach.
  2. Participate in coastal clean-ups.
  3. Do not disturb female turtles in the process. Sea turtles can easily become frightened when they begin the hanging process, which sometimes causes them to "Stop" and return to the sea without hanging. 
  4.  Avoid campfires, lights and/or a lot of noise near a beach where female turtles love to nesting
  5. Never feed or attempt to feed sea turtles, it is harmful and illegal !

Inside the Sea

  1. Be vigilant when boating : Slow down when you see a turtle, stay in the channels, and avoid navigating its habitat like sea grasses. Remember, turtles have to come up to the surface for air, and they can be difficult to see. If you see them closer put your engine in neutral to avoid injury.
  2. Avoid dropping Pastic Balloons, they will probably end up in our ocean where turtles can confuse them with prey and eat them, also use reusable water bottles for your outdoor consumption.
  3. Never leave fishing gear behind. Hooks, lines or nets. Leaving them in the water can entangle and kill sea turtles.
  4. Recycle fishing line and discard your trash on shore in trash receptacles, Use barbless circle hooks. 
  5. Do not throw bait or fish remains in the water, Sea Turtles can link this area to their food and may be at risk of being trapped or entangled in line fishing gear.

WARNING: The video below contains images of injured turtles and internal anatomy.


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